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Our Philosophy

We believe Homeless Health is a specialty of primary care that requires a different philosophy to guide our practice and our work.


Self-Determination, Autonomy, Trauma Informed Care, and Harm Reduction

This is reflected in our practice and in our organization structures and management


We believe patients have the right to make decisions autonomously and be self-determining. We work to meet patients where they are in their health journey to provide the best possible care that meets their needs, values, and choices. We recognize that are our patients have trauma from a healthcare system that is prejudiced against them so we use trauma informed practices to build trusting relationships that enable them to receive the best possible care.

We believe in providing health education and options to reduce harms associated with unhealthy behaviours to facilitate patient autonomy and their right to self determination.


We believe our clinicians are autonomous practitioners that should work to their full scopes of practice and be supported to be self-determining of their careers and their future. We acknowledge that nursing is a trauma filled profession and work to provide support to our nurses with the same commitment as we do to our patients.

We believe that education and professional development are key to supporting clinicians to improve their skills and reduce risk in clinical practice.

Health Inequality

We believe that the most marginalized should
receive the most resources in order to help achieve equity. We achieve this through our
staffing, our practice, and our advocacy.


Our patients need the best care from the best clinicians. We hire and train our clinicians to the highest standard of practice to deliver the best care possible.


We work with our patients to provide the extra care they need in order to overcome the health barriers that being homeless creates


We work to build a separate, dedicated, and cohesive primary care service for the most marginalized individuals no matter where they are within the Region of Peel.

It’s time to make a difference