our vision

Our experience before and during the pandemic has shown us where the gaps in the homelessness ecosystem are. They occur at the crux of the health and social care system. This is the space where Homeless Health Peel operates and needs to be funded to remain. After many hours of consultation with our partners, we have concluded that in order to meet our patients where they are at, physically and figuratively, we need:

A nursing team that operates in every shelter in Peel 7 days a week

A dedicated street outreach nursing team 7 days a week

A 30-bed centre staffed 24/7 by nurses and social service staff

(similar to the COVID Isolation centre) that functions as a stabilization centre post-hospital discharge and/or prior to individuals going into the shelter system. It will be used to provide palliative care for individuals experiencing homelessness.
Please visit www.felixhouse.ca to learn more about this centre.

A dedicated harm reduction facility for a Managed Alcohol Program and a Safe Consumption Program.

All services should be delivered using our Core 4 principles of:
Self-Determination, Autonomy, Harm Reduction, and Trauma Informed Care.