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Initially contracted by the Region of Peel to provide medical care at the COVID-19 Isolation Centre, Homeless Health Peel is now funded by the Region of Peel to provide care at a dedicated “Medical Shelter” . 


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses across the health system showed what our profession to truly capable of, and the Region of Peel funded COVID-19 Isolation and Recovery Program was a great example of this. 

While individuals and families had been isolating, the nurses of Homeless Health Peel provided alcohol and drug withdrawal management, suboxone inductions, mental health assessment and stabilization, chronic disease management including insulin starts, and other medical interventions that were desparately needed. Benefitting from an “inpatient” style setting, the nurses have an opportunity to make a big change in the health status of an individual during their short stay in the isolation centre.

This has translated into reduced hospital visits, easier transitions into stable housing, improved social relations including family reunification, and a “life reset” for patients to begin their process of recovery.

Using this model, Homeless Health Peel is working on creating a permanent called Felix House that will serve as a longer stay health centre for those experiencing homelessness. Please visit www.felixhouse.ca and don’t forget to watch the short documentary about our work!

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